a group of passionate and dedicated artists who adapt classic techniques to the era of modern filmmaking and content production.

Bolex Brothers Studios is a fully equipped, in-house production company that fosters creative relationships across multiple disciplines. Team Bolex consists of emerging and ambitious artists who strive to produce fresh, relevant content of the highest standard and quality. Here at Bolex Brothers Studios, we specialize in industry, commercial, and documentary work. Our artists are nothing short of authentic collaborators who insist on creating and distributing contemporary, cutting-edge content.

Products & Services

Film & Television

  • Short + Featured films
  • T.V Pilots
  • Web & mini-series
  • Cinematography
  • Picture/Sound Editing


  • Marketing + Promotional Content 
  • Social Media Branding 
  • Live Events Production


  • High Concept Studio Sets
  • Photo Shoots
  • Lighting Design
  • Live Events
  • Headshots & Portraits


  • Logo 
  • Graphics + Typography
  • Fashion + Merchandise 


  • Songwriting
  • Composition
  • Production & Design
  • Live DJ
  • Music Videos


  • Choreography
  • Modern + Ballet 
  • Commercial Dance