Matthew Mahoski: Choreographer
Matthew Mahoski: Choreographer
Matthew Mahoski: Choreographer


Dean Allyson Green told me (and a lecture hall of 200 other Tisch freshmen) "Everybody is going to ask you, 'what have you done?' but it's rare that somebody will give you something to do. You need to go out and make things to do!" And I have tried to live by these words ever since; I am an actor, singer, dancer, writer, composer, and choreographer and I am constantly finding new projects and productions to keep myself busy.


Maggie: The First Ives College
Charles Ives was an American modernist composer whose massive body of work challenged the limitations of western music of the early 1900's in a beautiful and unapologetic fashion. He worked in complex musical collages formed from popular tunes, recycled melodies from other pieces he had written, and found text. In homage to Ives' unique composition style, I have crafted a character and a narrative using selections from his 114 Songs for Voice and Piano, and choreographed a physical interpretation through the lens of this characters' journey to create a collage of my own. This piece is the first installation in a series to be continued soon! Despite his influence in the world of music, Ives is hardly well known, likely due to the dense and challenging nature of his material. But there is something so valuable to be mined from this demanding music, something that can only be accessed through a confrontation of complexity.


An Expert from Portraits of Domesticity



A Vocal Except of The First Ives College