Lost Cat Found

Lost Cat Found is a story about Violet, 22 year old, recently dumped, depressed, lounge singer. The day after Violet gets dumped, she wakes up to her beloved cat missing. 
Lost Cat Found teaches why people lose their self-love and how to find it again. The overarching theme of this project is a person does not need to stay in a bad relationship in order to be happy. Furthermore, If one fails to love themselves he/she may turn to unhealthy vices.

Bolex at Bonnaroo Recap

A look at how the Bolex Brothers production team documented (and thoroughly enjoyed) the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2016.


A short film about bully in an adverage high school setting.

Sami Miller - Music Video

Raising ICM artist - music video

Portraits of Domesticity

A documentary which follows a young choreographer developing his first choreographed piece.

Private Party

A spur of the moment improv; a lonely party of one.

East 9th Street Block Party

Filmed in a documentary style; a typical east village block party.

9 on 9th

9 workers, working on 9th Street.